Windy!/Week 80


Oh. My. Goodness.  It is windy here!  Thankfully we have had some days when the wind has not been quite as bad, but in the past couple of days it has gone up again.  The forecast is that it will actually be quite high for the next week also, so we’re in it for the long run!  Today the winds were in the high 20’s most of the day, with gusts projected to be in the mid- to high 30’s – and I’m sure they were!  We are anchored in a great spot behind some of the higher “hills” of Stocking Island so have been protected well from the East winds, but we still have seen the mid-20’s with the gusts all day.  Over the weekend the wind is supposed to die down to the high teens to low 20’s so that will be better.  Possibly by the middle of next week is when the winds are supposed to be even lower, so that will be much welcomed.

So why is it an issue with high winds?  First of all, the continuous noise of the wind becomes tiring.  You hear it pretty much all the time and it has a tendency to wear on you.  The other reason is it makes it more difficult, although not impossible, to get off the boat to do stuff.  Depending on the direction, when the wind and resulting wavess are higher and you have to dinghy straight into it, you get wet.  The air and water aren’t cold, but whenever you get soaked by a wave suddenly you’re totally wet.  And because it is saltwater it makes it that much more difficult to dry, even in the sun.  That being said, we still do get off in the dinghy in a bit of higher winds but just try and hit the waves so we get splashed less.  Thankfully our dinghy is pretty big, and our tubes are very large so this reduces the splashing so much more than a smaller dinghy.  Some of the people we see traveling around get soaked!

Enough of my complaining!  We really have had a good week despite the higher winds.  We have been off the boat at least once a day being involved with the rest of the community.  Sharon went to the Women’s Bible Study yesterday, and I was able to go to the new Men’s Bible Study today – thanks to Chuck on Eliora who agreed to pick me up in his dinghy (and yes, we got soaked on the way back!).  Sharon continues going to water aerobics and I am becoming a bit more involved in the music for Beach Church. 

On Tuesday, because the winds were only around 10 knots from the SE, we ventured across the harbor (which is about a one mile trip each way) to Georgetown and stocked up on provisions at the Exuma Market.  Going into the Exuma Market is always an adventure as you don’t really know what they will have.  It isn’t really rustic in the Market, but it certainly is not large or extravagant.  Cruisers also watch for when the supply boat arrives, and there is then a rush on the Market the next day (they usually stock the shelves the night after the supply boat arrives) to see if they have fresh vegetables, meat or bread.  It is not uncommon to get there too late or a couple of days later and the meat, vegetables and bread are all gone.  That means you go back to your boat and wait once again for the next supply boat.   

Because Tuesday was decent I also made a couple of runs for water.  At the dock in Georgetown there is a water spigot for R/O (Reverse Osmosis) water.  The water is free and all you have to do is lug the water in your dinghy with your jerry cans.  On days when the wind is down and the harbor is relatively calm, similar to the run on the Market, many cruisers rush over to fill their water jerry cans.  I can haul 25 gallons at a time, and since we were a bit low I ended up putting in 50 gallons.  Our water tanks (we have two) capacity is 151 gallons so we were still ok, but with the winds coming for the next week I wanted to be sure we were topped up. 

This past Sunday evening was a fun evening aboard Dale and Chris’ boat, Sixth Girl.  They invited us and three others over for dinner and Dale prepared a huge platter of ribs and fixins’.  It was a great dinner!  He also broke out a special drink called a MamaJuana which really didn’t taste that bad.  As the winds were a lot higher that afternoon we debated about not getting the dinghy down off the davits and canceling, but we were glad we braved the wind and waves (in the dark!) to meet some new people. 

Last evening we had the Courcy family over for Sharon’s famous Peanut Curry dinner.  After dinner we all gathered at our salon table inside for a rousing game of Uno.  We also taught them how to play Phase 10 card game.  It was another fun evening! 

In a couple of weeks my two sisters are coming to spend a week with us.  We are greatly looking forward to their visit and were able to do a WhatsApp video call the other night to talk about things they may want to bring.  In anticipation of their visit, as well as our daughter’s and son-in-law’s visit in February, we are taking the opportunity to do some deep cleaning of the boat.  (Goodness knows with the wind we’re having and the difficulty in getting off the boat we have plenty of time for it!)  It will never be totally clean as it is a boat floating in a humid environment, but at least it will be better than it was. 

Oh, I almost forgot.  We had to get more flea prevention medicine for Max so we were able to get an appointment for him at the local Animal Clinic this past Saturday.  They also tested him for Heartworm, which thankfully came back negative, as they say it is pretty prevalent in the Bahamas.   After a very nice visit there we walked away with both flea and heartworm prevention pills for actually a very reasonable cost.  We left with Max too!  J

We plan on waiting out these winds for the next week or so and then we really would like to move south a little ways to check out some snorkeling spots.  But of course it all depends on the wind.  We have seen a number of boats dragging and getting snarled with other boats, so since we are holding firm we don’t want to risk moving in these higher winds. 

Adventures Await!!


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