Waiting/Thirty Sixth Week Update!


Well, we’re still in Georgetown.  We’re not sure if we had thought we’d stay here this long, but since we really don’t have much of a schedule and no real deadlines to hit, it doesn’t really matter.  The weather was supposed to turn quite windy yesterday, and it did, so it’s ok that we are still here waiting to head north.  There have been some projects we have done on the boat and we have spent time reading and just relaxing.  Even though it is windy, albeit maybe just into the low 20 knots at the most, it is still sunny, so that’s a good thing.  We had a few raindrops the other night, but that was it in terms of precipitation. 

The wind is supposed to continue to be maybe a bit higher yet this weekend, but then start to abate some in the beginning part of next week, so we hope to take advantage of that and leave.  Our plans are to head back up the Exumas and then at some point head over to Eleuthera, maybe Rock Sound area being a first place to go, and then eventually go even more north to the Abacos before we head back to Florida some time in May.  We’ll see how it all plays out.

One thing we have to take care of is getting an extension of our visa here in the Bahamas.  You may remember when we check into Bimini that we were only given a 90 day travel visa.  So on or around April 2 we have to be somewhere where there is an immigration office where we will seek an extension.  They typically are always granted, so we’re not worried about it, but it will just be a pain to have to be at one of their offices.  And you can only request an extension within 2 or 3 days of when it expires, so it’s not like we can take care of it here in Georgetown.  And if we run into crummy weather, I’m not sure what will happen, but we’ll have to figure it out.  There are a couple of places in Eleuthera where there is an immigration office so that is sort of our plan now.

What else have we been doing this past week?  Hm…., that’s a good question.  It seems like the time has flown by so quickly but it’s hard to remember what we have done.  And the things we have done have been kind of mundane things and not as interesting as we haven’t traveled anywhere or gone to new places.

We did go to a cruiser’s beach gathering one evening and met a ton of other cruisers.  Everyone has a story of how they got here and where they’re headed and it is so fascinating to hear them.  One couple are on a huge catamaran that is completely electrical, including their engine.  They do have a gasoline generator for a back-up, but otherwise everything is electrical on their boat and they have 19 batteries powering it.  One other couple had planned on sailing around the world on their monohull and were on their way to Jamaica when they decided they missed being around people.  They also had numerous things go wrong on the trip, so they ended up in the Bahamas for now and are planning on heading south from here soon.

We also met a very nice German couple (she’s actually from Croatia) and had them over for dinner last night.  He is an engineer and has worked in various countries through his employer and was most recently working in Ann Arbor.  The company went through a restructuring and he chose a buy-out, even though he’s only 49, instead of moving to Denver.  He had recently purchased a 32 foot racing sailboat he was intending to sail on Lake Erie with, but since he no longer was working he and his wife, who had been living in Vienna, Austria, for the past year while he was in Ann Arbor with their two sons, decided to take the sailboat down here to the Bahamas.  They came down the similar way as we did so it was fun to share stories and hear what they encountered.  They had significant issues along the way with their boat but are hoping they are now getting on top of it.  His flexible solar panel died and just received a new one today so tomorrow I will go to his boat and help him install it.  They also invited us for dinner on their boat tomorrow evening, so that will be fun too. 

This past Saturday evening, I think it was (the days all run into each other anymore!) we had dinner on Bonnie Jean, Irv and Bonnie’s catamaran who were also part of the Sail to the Sun Rally with us.  They arrived a couple of weeks ago and we had seen each other off and on, but it was fun to catch up with them again. 

We were anchored more north around Monument Beach and found a great walking trail across Stocking Island to the Exuma Sound.  Where we were anchored was a lot less busy than at Volleyball Beach where we typically had anchored, so it was nice to be in that area to relax after our guests left.  Monday morning we pulled up our anchor and moved back to Volleyball Beach, which is right in front of Chat ‘N Chill restaurant/bar and the gathering place for cruisers.  We moved as the wind that was projected for Wednesday was more northerly so we have better protection here.  It is now swinging more to the east and the protection here is great for that too.  I have to say it is interesting at how close you pay attention to the wind direction and speed when you live on a sailboat!

The projects on the boat have not been huge, but they are good to work on.  I think trying to keep the bottom of the boat clean is a never ending task.  Every week or so I have to go down and scrub parts of the hull to get the grass/algae off.  I can’t get it all way under the boat but I do what I can.  I have to say, most of the hull is pretty good and has very little algae growing on it.  But since we discharge our heads (toilets) directly into the sea, the areas around and behind the discharge thru-hulls seem to be very “nutrient rich” and that’s where the algae is growing.  Funny thing, eh? 

We also have had some water coming in the boat when we are in rough water and are taking water over the bow.  One particular area water comes in is around one of our stanchions on the starboard side.  So the other day I took the stanchion out and rebedded it with butyl tape to once again make it water tight.  I may end up rebedding more stanchions at some point as it’s not really hard to do.  But first I’ll see how this one does once we get in rougher water again. 

I also finished our Georgetown YouTube video, so if you have not had a chance to see it yet feel free to check it out.  All you have to do is go to YouTube and search for SV Adventures Await and you should find it.  Or, follow this link to see it:  https://youtu.be/m43IKmZZyHg

We are able to keep our water tanks full here as there is free R/O (Reverse Osmosis) water available at Georgetown in Victoria Lake.  What I do is dump our jerry cans into our tanks and then take the empty jerry cans, we have five of them for a total of 25 gallons, to Georgetown and refill them for the next time.  It’s a pain to do when it’s windy, and one day I had to wait an hour for my turn at the spigot as it was so busy, but at least water is available.  I also filled our diesel tank from 2 of our 4 jerry cans and got them refilled at the Shell station in Georgetown.  There is no place in all of Georgetown to pull your boat up to for diesel or water so this is what all the cruisers here do. 

Well, I guess that’s it for this week.  Hopefully at this point next week we will be further north and headed to the Eleutheras.  Again, as we start traveling again we’ll see how cell coverage goes for posting updates.  I’ll do what I can.

I think I’ll only be posting a couple of pictures as we just have not been taking as many pictures since our return here.

Adventures Await!!

P.S.  We had a first meeting of the Bahamas Beneteau 411 Fleet on the Chat ‘N Chill beach the other day.  There are three other Beneteau 411 boats here in the harbor so we got together for Happy Hour.  Was great to hear stories of their boats and their travels here to the Bahamas. 

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