Third Week Update!

I am posting this a day early as I’m not sure when the next time will be to have reliable phone connection to post it.  I’ve kind of given up on wifi at marinas as they typically don’t work well, so have been relying on data to post these.  Hope it works!

We have had an amazing week this past week!  We certainly were able to travel more than the prior week so that is a great thing.  We still have a little water leak (Sheesh!), but it is coming from our freshwater system which means we’re not sinking!  I know where the leak is, and it is now a challenge between me and the leak to see who wins!  We also had the tachometer stop working as we were approaching De Tour Village.  It had stopped while Bergmann Marine had been working on the alternator, but it started again which the repair guy said was just because he had tightened everything up.  He was partially right!

Enough of repairs!  You want to know where we have been and what we have been doing this past week, right?  Here goes!  As I mentioned in our last blog post, we did anchor one night in St. James Bay at Beaver Island.  It was a glorious evening after a wonderful sail north west from Charlevoix.  During the night we were awakened to sounds of tapping on the hull that seemed to move around the boat.  Huh?  I asked Max to help guard the boat, but he refused to go check it out, so after taking my light outside I was able to see it was 4 – 6 ducks pecking at the algae that was apparently on our waterline (yes, the boat is definitely sitting lower in the water due to the extra weight we are now carrying!).  Kind of strange, but they soon moved off.  And I did scrub the water line later!

As the wind was very light from behind us, we left Beaver Island motored through Gray’s Reef, the Mackinac Straights and under the Mighty Mac Bridge!  It is always exciting to go under the bridge!  We anchored just south of St. Ignace Municipal Marina and did indeed rock and roll a lot as the ferries to Mackinaw Island passed by.  We knew they stopped running about 9:30 so all was good then.  What you’ll do to save a buck, right?

We motored to De Tour Village on Thursday, July 12 intending to anchor in Harbor Island Bay north of there, but after more research we decided it would be better to get a slip for the night after fueling up at the marina rather than run the risk of a poor anchorage.  We ended up staying at the marina an additional night as the forecast for the next day was for rain and storms. We took advantage of this by getting things done on the boat, including have a repair guy come to the boat to show me what he found as a loose connection for the tachometer.  Now I know how to fix it myself if it stops working again.  (Which it did…. Read on!)

8:00 am Saturday morning, July 14, we were ready to leave De Tour – except it was so foggy you couldn’t even see the next dock in the marina!  It didn’t lift until 11:30 am, and went out within a span of 3 minutes!  Off we went, along with probably half a dozen other boats from the marina.  Our original intent was to check into Canada in Thessalon on the north side of the North Channel, but we changed that plan.  Instead we headed back to Lake Huron and went south around Drummond and Cockburn Island and came up the Mississagi Strait and checked in to Canada via telephone in Meldrum Bay.  It went very smoothly and we were set.  Unfortunately we didn’t arrive until 6:30 pm because of the late start so were quite tired, but the bay was amazing for anchoring in and there continued to be virtually no wind, making the evening very relaxing.

Sunday morning broke sunny and calm once again.  After breakfast and devotions we headed to Gore Bay, a quaint little bay and town about 32 nautical miles away.  We arrived about 2:00 pm so had a chance to walk around their town and marina.  Max was very glad about the chance to stretch his legs!  Anchoring in Gore Bay proved to be relatively easy, and we shared the bay with four other anchored boats.

Monday morning we left about 8:30 am and headed first to Mudge Bay in Kagawong to see Bridal Veil Falls.  The marina staff there let us tie up for free for a couple of hours and we walked the 30 minute trail to the falls where Sharon just had to go swimming in the pool beneath the falls.  The falls were beautiful!  Back on the boat we headed to the Benjamin Islands where, after a treacherous passage through rocks, we anchored along with many other boats.  It almost felt like we were back in the BVI’s!  It took a couple of times for our anchor to grab in the rocky bottom, but we eventually got a good hold.  We arrived about 3:30 pm and took a hike up the hills to see over the bay where we were anchored.  Gorgeous!  It ended up being a rather windy evening as the winds picked up later afternoon, but our anchor held well!

Tuesday morning, July 17, we headed to Little Current to go through the Swing Bridge and then on toward the Georgian Bay.  We had to wait about 40 minutes for the next bridge opening when we arrive, but eventually made it through the 12:00 noon opening with one other sailboat.  It was so cool going through the Bridge as it swung open!  Later that afternoon, after 40.7 nautical miles we pulled into a slip in Roque’s Marina in Killarney, Ontario.  The boat we followed through the bridge ended up pulling into a slip next to us, and come to find out are also Muskegon Yacht Club members!  They are Mike and Hillary and we had a great time swapping stories – and learning more from them about the Georgian Bay and potential anchorages.

Tomorrow we will venture into Georgian Bay.  It seems more like a wilderness and uncharted area to us so we will be somewhat anxious.  We originally thought we’d stick to the north side of the Bay, but after conferring with Mike and Hillary we are going to go to the south side and hopefully make it to the bottom of the Bay by Friday.  Our first stop will be in the Windfield Basin and then we’ll see from there.  If the weather holds, which it is supposed to, we should be able to do the length of the Bay by Friday when the weather may start to be rainy.  We’ll let you know!

I should add, I hope to make some short videos of our trip, but just have not really found the time as of yet.  We will post them on Youtube and let you know when they are there.

P.S.  The Tachometer stopped working again today (for the third time!) and the connection I thought was loose doesn’t seem to be the issue.  And, as of this afternoon, the water leak is still winning…  It’s a boat!  I’ll get them figured out as some point!


3 Replies to “Third Week Update!”

  1. Splendid photos and narrative; thanks a mill.!
    I (we, other bikers) may have gone over your swing bridge, not under.
    I have spent an exciting couple of hours on the Tobermory ferry, southbound. Georgian Bay weather can change quickly, about which you know. We crossed in heavy weather, our motorcycles tied up below, out of the way of cars which were not tied down. Rope tie downs (cheesh), I taught six bikers to tie a bowline. They were ready students.
    God speed.
    John R

  2. Just finished a 2-week cruise and had the same experience with those ducks at Beaver Island! Lucky for me I had read your blog and knew the reason for being woken up in the night.

    1. Sounds like a great cruise! Beaver Island is a beautiful place to visit by sailboat. Glad you knew what the sound was, but it still sounds strange from inside the boat, doesn’t it?


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