The Last Weekend at Home!

We have written in previous posts about how long we have yet until we depart.  Well, that time is now down to just about 6 days!  6 days!!  From what seemed an eternity away is now down to under a week.  How do you wrap your head around that?  We’re not really sure as our emotions have swung back and forth so many times that it makes it so unreal at times.

However, it is real, and in under a week we will be leaving our life as we know now for a life that will be quite different.  We have lived on our boat for periods of around two or three weeks and have done fine with that.  However, this will be different.  We know there will be huge adjustments in areas such as space, but we don’t really know all the adjustments that we’ll have to make as we’ve never done anything like this before.  I mean, really, who moves from a perfectly fine house onto a 41′ sailboat that leaves you subject to, and at the mercy of wind, waves and the rest weather will throw at you 24/7?!

Actually, it is us that have made that decision and we enter into this new lifestyle willingly and with huge excitement, while yet knowing there will be issues as we get used to it.  We think it may take 1 – 3 months just to get into the swing of things, so we are going to give ourselves time.

This last weekend before we leave is being spent mainly in getting our house all set and things packed up.  Our daughter and son-in-law will be staying in our house for the time being, but we are boxing up the belongings we’re not taking onto the boat and  putting them in the basement.  This is no small task!  We actually started getting rid of stuff more than two years ago – it’s crazy how much we accumulate throughout our lives – but the end is near.  The bedroom furniture and the last of the clothes we don’t need will be packed by the end of the weekend, and on Tuesday we will move onboard with a departure day being either next Wednesday or Thursday, June 27 or 28.  We have one of our vehicles sold and our son-in-law will be selling our Suburban after we leave.  (Will be strange not to have a car!)

As we depart from Muskegon, MI, the toughest part will be leaving our two amazing daughters and son-in-law.  Of course we will see them from time to time, but we will greatly miss having them stop over and having impromptu dinners or lunches together.  As a family we have a lot of fun together and love spending time with each other, so it will be hard leaving them. They are amazing kids!

It will also be difficult leaving the rest of our extended family, but we have received such support and affirmation in our decision to go and are grateful for that.  We will stay in touch via cell phones and through Facetime, as well as through this new fancy invention called group Snapchats!   (If we every really figure it out!)

As you can see, our departure will be an emotional time.  We will wrap up all our excitement, sadness, anxiety, fear of what the future will hold, nervousness about potential boat problems and so many other emotions all together and we will sail forth.  And as our boat is so aptly named:  Adventures Await!

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  1. Dave and Sharon,

    Wishing you well as you make your dream a reality! Praying for safety, clear sails, and bright sunny skies for your many days ahead! I look forward to keeping up with your adventures via your blog. God bless you both as you head out to “sea” what Adventures Await!

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