Sisters Aboard/Week 83


What an incredible week we have had!  As I mentioned last week, my two sisters, Lynda and Shelly, arrived from Michigan last week to spend a week with us and we have had a wonderful time together.  It has been a great time for Sharon and I to share our experience here in the Bahamas with them and we think they have greatly enjoyed it.

After getting them on the boat after their flight last Friday we had a peaceful night at anchorage before heading out on Saturday.  The winds died down during the day on Friday (they didn’t get too wet on the dinghy ride to the boat!) and it was a good evening of sharing stories and letting them experience life at anchor.  On Saturday morning, about 10:00 am, we started the process of pulling up the anchor and headed north.  We had not moved the boat in almost a week, but all systems with the anchor windlass worked great and soon we were under way. 

The winds were light out of the east and we soon hoisted the mainsail and headed out of the channel headed north.  We motor sailed as the winds were only in the 4 – 5 knot range and after just under four hours we made the turn into Rat Cay Cut with the destination of Children’s Bay Cay – a grand total of about 23 miles. As we approached the Cut a huge (and I mean, Huge!) rolling wave was just ahead of us so we quickly turned the boat to head back out into the Exuma Sound before entering the Cut.  Rat Cay Cut is a very narrow channel between rocks and if we had kept going the boat could have easily rounded up and we would have been right on top of rocks!  After circling around a bit and gauging the rollers we made another attempt and just made it through.  We ended up riding pretty high on a roller, but thankfully we were just ahead of it and made our way through safely.  The looks on Lynda and Shelly’s faces suggested it was a crazy large roller, but we made it!

Shortly after going through the Cut we were anchored in the idyllic Children’s Bay Cay and all was good.  A bit later we all broke out the snorkel gear and even had a wonderful time with the Stand Up Paddleboard.  The water was certainly not very deep where we had anchored but we had a foot (Yikes!) of water under us so we were fine – we never hit bottom so that was good. 

We spent an incredible evening anchored in Children’s Bay Cay and marveled at the stars and the serene beauty after the sun went down.  In the morning we went for a great dinghy ride around the anchorage and took in the breakers from Exuma Sound, and even spotted a large Sea Eagle guarding its huge nest on a little island nearby.  As we dinghied around it was also cool to see the occasional sting ray as they glided around on the floor of the ocean.  How amazing to see in the clear blue waters!

Later in the morning we pulled up the anchor and went about two miles north to anchor at Williams’s Cay where there were already five other boats anchored.  The afternoon expedition led us onto William’s Cay where we hiked up over the ridge to the Exuma Sound side and took in the view of the other side of the island.  So pretty, and you could see for miles!  After returning to the dinghy we took it about a mile north and walked around the abandoned research station and imagined what it was like when it was still operating.  The research station closed in the early 2000’s and there are still about eight buildings in various states of disrepair still standing, and it’s always interesting to walk around them.  (Shelly even picked some flowers for our cockpit table – don’t tell anyone!)

After it was dark we shined the spotlight in the water to see fish and much to our amazement a highly colorful Caribbean Reef Squid flitted by the boat.  It was so cool to see it as it moved gracefully and beautifully through the water!

After another wonderful night at anchor back on the boat we hoisted the anchor for a return trip to Georgetown on Monday morning.  The winds were very light from the east and we had no problems getting through Rat Cay Cut and down the Exuma Sound into the Elisabeth Channel and Georgetown by mid-afternoon.  We anchored right off Chat ‘N Chill beach and enjoyed the sights and sounds.  For dinner we went ashore to Chat ‘N Chill beach for a delightful meal under the lights before returning to the boat for the evening.  The winds continued to be light and we all slept well with the light rocking of the boat.

Tuesday ended up being another great day as we headed out in the dinghy and hit three great spots for snorkeling.  We saw all kinds of fish amid the colorful coral and had a spectacular time!  What a great day on the water!  That evening we even broke out cards and had a wonderful time playing Phase 10.  Too much fun!

Wednesday morning was spent by Dave replenishing some of our water supply and getting the empty propane tank filled ashore.  Sharon went to her Bible Study while Lynda and Shelly enjoyed a relaxing morning on the deck of the boat.  In the afternoon, because the winds were still light from the West, we went to Georgetown to walk around.  It was a lot of fun of shopping and walking around and we ended it with Happy Hour at a local pub.  Cheers!  Before climbing back into the dinghy we walked around the Georgetown Yacht Club and were treated to the sight of a shark lazily swimming around in the shallow waters.  We certainly don’t see that often in Michigan!

This morning, Thursday, after devotions Sharon went to water aerobics. Later, while Dave went to the Men’s Bible Study the three girls headed off to a trail over Stocking Island to spend time on the beach on Exuma Sound.  The winds are now a bit stiffer, probably in the 10 – 14 knot range out of the West so the boat is rolling around a bit more but we are looking forward to it calming down this evening for Lynda and Shelly’s last night on the boat.  Tomorrow morning will be relaxing and then we will head over to Georgetown at about 11:00 am so they can catch their flight back to Michigan.

It has been a tremendous time with Lynda and Shelly aboard Adventures Await.  They have greatly enjoyed their time and had lots of time to relax and read.  It has also been fun to do a lot of talking and sharing of stories and memories in the cockpit in the evenings.  They will return with a lot of great stories of their adventures to share with their kids and grandkids.

Our next adventure will be in two weeks when our daughter, Lisa, and son-in-law, Ryan arrive for a visit for a week!  We are especially excited to see them as they are now pregnant!  They are due in the end of May and we are so excited for them!!  We also are excited to be grandparents!

Adventures Await!!





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