Quiet Week/Week 84


Last Friday was a sad day when my two sisters had to return back to Michigan.  It was a lot of fun having them onboard for a week and the boat is now a lot quieter with just the two of us again.  J  But we are now looking forward to our daughter and son-in-law’s visit a week from tomorrow for a week’s stay.  We have not seen Lisa since Boston on Labor Day weekend of last year, and have not seen Ryan since last May so it will be so great to see them and hug them again!  And they are now pregnant so it will be especially great to see Lisa and probably be amazed at how big she is – they are due at the end of May.

After Lynda and Shelly left this past Friday we returned to the boat and took up the anchor and went about 5 miles south to the Red Shanks area of Elizabeth Harbor.  The winds on Sunday were predicted to be quite strong from the south so it would also be a good place for wind protection – and it definitely was.  It was quite shallow getting into the anchorage area but we went at half tide and had no difficulties. Once we got the anchor down we settled back and enjoyed the quiet and peacefulness of the area.  There were other boats around, but nothing like the almost 200 boats in the area we just came from. 

Saturday night the winds did pick up from the south as predicted to the mid-20’s and then lasted all day Sunday.  We had the dinghy up on the davits and never got off the boat all day.  At about 5 am on Sunday we put out about 20 more feet of anchor rode (I forgot to do it before we went to bed) just to be sure we didn’t drag, and it worked great. For perspective, we were anchored in about 9 feet of water and then had 80 feet of rode out, so we were set. 

Monday dawned and greeted us with a beautiful day of sunshine and much more relaxed winds.  After we spent some time paddle boarding and going ashore to the most gorgeous beach on the nearby island, we pulled up anchor around noon and headed back to the Chat ‘N Chill area.  On the way, we anchored the boat by a designated snorkeling area that boasted a ton of coral heads on the bottom.  Once we got the snorkeling gear out and got into the water we were treated to an amazing array of colorful coral and fish all flitting about.  This was definitely a snorkeling spot to revisit in the future! 

We then traveled the rest of the way to the Chat ‘N Chill area and put our anchor down very close to the spot we were for the month of January so it almost felt like a return to “home.”   We will more than likely stay here until Lisa and Ryan arrive when we will start to move around and show them some different areas.  

The rest of the week has not been super exciting other than catching up on reading and the odd-projects around the boat.  A zipper had broken in a side panel on our dodger so Sharon broke out the SailRite sewing machine and replacedit.  In addition to some other smaller sewing projects she has done a bunch of baking, which I believe to always be a good thing!  I have done a couple of water runs to Georgetown and other things on the boat, but otherwise have enjoyed just relaxing.  We have also both enjoyed going to our Bible Studies and occasionally get to shore for a few provisions, etc.

Oh!  We did have a delightful Happy Hour on Flip Flop Beach with Joe and Leila and their kids, Megan, Tristan and Nathan on Tuesday.  They had a friend, Valerie, from back home in Montreal staying with them for about 8 days so it was good to spend time with her as well. 

Adventures Await!!



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