Merry Christmas!/Week 78


Merry Christmas (actually, the day after) from the crew of Adventures Await!  We hope you and your family had a great Christmas and were able to celebrate the birth of Jesus who came to give us eternal life in Him!

We had the opportunity to attend the Georgetown Cruiser’s Christmas Potluck yesterday that was held at Volleyball Beach/Chat ‘N Chill and it was great fun to attend.  We got to meet many other cruisers and shared a wonderful meal.  Someone said they were expecting close to 200 people to attend, and there sure looked like a lot were in attendance.  We even got to see Bob and Diane Walters, fellow MYC members back in Muskegon, as they arrived the day before.  They keep their catamaran, Two of A Kind, in one of the Hurricane Holes all year so they flew in the day before Christmas to be on their boat for the next 4 or 5 months. 

The winds this past week have continued to be very high.  We have moved at least three different times to get better protection from the wind as it changes direction, and we moved again this morning to see if we can get away from a south swell as the wind clocks a bit to the south in the next couple of days. 

Last Friday night was by far the windiest, however.  We were anchored by Monument Beach, north of Volleyball Beach, and had as good of protection as is possible around here from the east wind.  But the wind speed was 28 – 32 knots all night with gusts even higher.  At that speed you hear the constant howl of the wind through the rigging and the boat “dances” all around as the gusts push you around.  The anchor held fabulously well – we had put a bunch of extra chain out to give us more scope – and the boats around us held well, so we were very grateful.

The next day the winds continued to be very high and we find it is very stressful and tiring to be in those constant high winds as it is unnerving.  But, we managed well and even put the dinghy down to get off the boat for a while just to get a break.  We got wet in the mile or so dinghy ride to Chat ‘N Chill but it was so worth it get off the boat for a while!  We even met some other cruisers on the beach and had a great time.  And thankfully, as we were then going with the wind on the way back in the dinghy, we didn’t get as wet from the waves crashing around us.  Yay!

We did have the opportunity to get off the boat again on Sunday for the first of the season Beach Church service, and we remembered we were there at the last service of the season back in March  as well.  It is a pretty laid back non-denominational type of service but it’s good to worship with others. 

On Monday, as the winds were subsiding a little, we took up the anchor and moved the boat across the harbor to Kidd’s Cove which is right by the entrance to the small town of Georgetown.  The winds were predicted to clock to the west Monday night and into Tuesday, so it was good to be on the west side of the harbor and get protection from the land over there.  We moved already at 8:00 am as the skies were starting to look ominous already with impending rain and storms.  We noticed 5 – 6 boats that had been around us had already moved even before we got up about 7:15 am, so it seemed like a good idea to get going.  No sooner than we had gotten our anchor down the rain started.  It ended up being quite a squall, and in fact, I was able to see a huge water spout SW of us.  We later heard about a boat that was right in the middle of the water spout and had their dinghy ripped away from their boat by the force.  Thankfully, about 45 minutes after the rain started it dissipated and soon the sun was out again. 

On Tuesday we took the opportunity to get laundry done, refill water tanks, stock up on provisions and go for long walks with Max to give him some exercise as we were just a short dinghy ride from Georgetown. 

Because there is good cell coverage in this area we were able to “share” Christmas with our kids via video as they opened their gifts and we opened ours on Christmas morning.  It is great to be able to use technology in that way, but it was still very hard to not be with them.  After we had all opened our gifts and shared love and laughter with our kids we headed out to the Cruiser’s Christmas Potluck.  Upon our return to the boat we took up our anchor and headed back over to Chat ‘N Chill area with the big boat (we had gone to the potluck in our dinghy as we had run out of time in the morning to move the big boat) as the winds were forecast to switch to the East that night into the next day.  And they did, so we were glad we had moved.

We moved again this morning to where we are now just north of Honeymoon Beach and south of Monument Beach.  The wind will clock a bit to the SE and where we were is in an area where a swell can occur with any south component to the wind, and we just don’t like that side to side rolling of the boat.  We will probably stay here at least through the first part of next week and maybe even longer.  The winds are from the E, SE today at only about 14 knots but is supposed to pick up more tomorrow and even higher into the weekend.  We are really hoping the wind settles down after the first of the year, as apparently is typical for the Bahamas, but we’ll see.

But, lest I sound like I’m complaining, we are still in the Bahamas in our shorts and t-shirts and as we sipped our coffee in the cockpit this afternoon we were able to be in complete awe as we first watched three dolphins swimming around the boat for over 30 minutes and then watch the incredible colors of the sunset right before us.  Wow!

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