May 14, 2018

Welcome to Our Blog!  We have not really used this blog site in the past, but will use it now on a regular basis to provide updates on our trip and what is happening.  So feel free to check here every once in a while to see what we are up to!

We launched Adventures Await this past May 3 and left her in a slip at Great Lakes Marina where she winters.  Our daughter, Kristi, came a week later to help me move the boat here to Muskegon Yacht Club, which is where we will depart from.  I have had a number of issues to resolve on the boat in order for her to be totally ready, and I am ticking them off one by one.  One huge issue was that our running water system in the boat wasn’t working.  I had problems with it last fall when I was winterizing the running water, at which time I even replaced the water pump, but the issue remained.  I finally figured out the four connections that were before water got to the water pump were not air/water-tight thereby not allowing enough suction for the water to reach the pump.  I cleaned and re-sealed those, as well as installed a gasket in the water strainer and the problem was fixed.  We had running water again!  Yay!

I also am struggling with wiring in a new float switch to our secondary bilge pump.  I have tried a number of connections, but I do not have it resolved yet.  An issue is wiring in the emergency buzzer/light to the float switch so if you are in heavy seas and can’t hear the bilge pump turn on, alerting you to an issue, then you will see the light and/or hear the buzzer.  I will figure it out, but electrical wiring is not one of my strong points – yet.

Prior to launch we ran all new halyards and sheets for the running rigging.  Many of the old halyards were in bad shape, so it’s good to get those replaced.  I also built a mast crutch so we can transport the mast on the cabin top as we need to remove the mast for the Trent/Severn Waterway and Erie Canal.  Hopefully it will hold the mast!

We had intended on leaving on or about June 5 or 6 for our adventures, but some health issues have arisen for Sharon that will be delaying us for about 3 weeks.  Our plan now is to leave in the last week of June.  We still have plenty of time so this should not be an issue, other than we really want to leave!

We are excited that Sharon’s Retirement Day is Friday, June 1!  She is wrapping a bunch of stuff at work, as well as finishing her term as Elder Chair at our church.  I am no longer working, so the next couple of weeks will be pretty intense in finishing the last things on the boat in order to be ready.  I often read a boat is not every really ready to go, so I will be mindful of this as there are always going to be issues.  But I’d like to get things as ready as possible.  With my working at West Marine the past year I have been able to get many replacement parts and items at a much reduced cost, so that is great.  I have spares of pretty much everything on the boat, including pumps, cabling, lines, clamps, lights, and even a spare shifter.  I also have lots of fuel filters, diesel filters and spare parts for the dinghy and outboard motor.  Probably the first time I will need a part or something, I won’t have it.  Hard to imagine, but we’ll see!

Check out the Map we have posted on the website to get an idea of where we’ll be headed.  Basically, we’ll head up over the top of the lower peninsula of Michigan, do the North Channel and then into the Georgian Bay.  We will then take the Trent/Severn Waterway to Lake Ontario, which we will then cross.  We’ll do the last third of the Erie Canal and get to the Hudson River.  We’ll put the mast up before New York and then head out to the Atlantic.  We hope to turn north and go up to Boston, and then will come down the East Coast of the US, eventually ending up in Florida some time in December.  We’ll then jump over to the Bahamas and go as far south in the first year to Turks & Caicos before we head north for hurricane season.  We’ll probably be up the East Coast again for hurricane season in 2019.  After that, we’ll head back south and by that next year hope to be in Grenada or Trinidad for hurricane season 2020.  Not sure what will happen after that, so stay tuned!

Sorry this blog was so wordy and long, but a lot has been going on to get us to this point.

I’m not exactly sure how the layout of the website will go after we leave as I think we’ll probably be figuring out better and more efficient ways of updating people.  But you can get to our blog also by clicking on Blog on our homepage.  The link is  as I’m sure you’ll want to bookmark it!  🙂   For those of you who are interested in knowing, the “sv” at the beginning of our website name,, stands for Sailing Vessel.  The name of our boat without the “sv” was taken already, so we went this route as it made a lot of sense.

Adventures Await!


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