For those of you who are wondering where we will be going once we leave in June, here is a map of where we intend to go.  Obviously timelines and the specifics of where we will be will change, depending on weather and other things, but this gives a general idea of where we are headed.  We will leave Muskegon in June, head up to the North Channel, Georgian Bay and then take the Trent/Severn Waterway into Lake Ontario.  We will connect with the Erie Canal via Oswego, NY, and then take the Hudson River to New York City.  We hope to take a jaunt north to Boston, and then will proceed down the eastern seaboard to Florida.  From there, depending on time and season we hope to make it as far south as Grenada and possibly Aruba – which will probably happen in 2020.  We hope to document as we go, so look for further information as to how to follow us.

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