July 2016

July 2 & 3

July started out in a great way.  Jason and Patti, our friends who went with us to the BVI’s this past February, came out for the Muskegon Fireworks on Sat., July 2.  They didn’t get out until later so we couldn’t watch them from the boat downtown, but we enjoyed them on the boat in the slip and had a wonderful evening with them.  They stayed overnight with us and the next morning Jason made his BVI-Famous breakfast.


At 1:00 pm we took with them and headed out to Lake Michigan for a tremendous sail!  Wind was only about 8 knots, but we averaged 4 to 4.5 knots of boat speed.  Air temp was in the mid-70’s, but of course it felt cooler on the Big Lake.  Was sunny and was a great sail.  We returned to Muskegon Lake and did chicken on the grill anchored off the State Park.

July 9

Steve and Bernita, and Jim and Judy Tuinenga came out in the evening for supper and a sail.  The wind was hootin’ all day, and as predicted, it did settle down in the evening.  Did brats on the grill at MYC first, and then about 7:30 pm we went sailing. Stayed on Muskegon Lake and had winds of 9 – 11 knots.  Returned to the dock at 9:00 pm.  We did take the Tuinenga Sibs picture, as we had done a few years ago.  Nobody has changed, right?!


July 14

Sharon invited the CRCNA Communications Council to MYC for lunch and their regular meeting.  After, they came out sailing. Henry was retiring in three weeks and was a former sailor and racer, so it was particularly fitting to sail.  He had not been on a sailboat in years, and couldn’t stop beaming the whole time.  It was a delightful afternoon and we returned to the dock shortly after 5:00 pm for them to return to GR.

Comm. Council

July 16

At 11:00 am, members of our church Small Group, Wendy and Elbin and their children, came out with another family from Honduras.  Wendy and Elbin are in GR for two years attending seminary classes at Cornerstone and are from the Dominican Republic, so we had a number of countries represented!  The Honduran family had a friend/translator with them, and I think there was more Spanish spoken on this trip than English!  They were all amazed to see such a large body of water as Lake Michigan that was not an ocean and was not saltwater.  They timidly asked if there were any sharks.  We had another great sail out on Lake Michigan.  There was only about 8 – 9 knots of wind, so we didn’t go fast, but stayed in the 4 – 4.5 knot range.  It was a wonderful sail and we got to know another family with whom we share the same God.  Below is a picture of Wendy and Elbin and their children, and then a picture of Elbin and his son, Miguel on the bow of the boat.  They both were out there almost the entire trip, soaking in the sun and the amazing views all around.

Wendy and Elbin Family                                       Bow

That evening, Lisa, Ryan and better came out for a sail.  What a spectacular evening it was!  Comfortable temps, sunny sky and a nice 8 – 10 knot wind made for a tremendously enjoyable evening.  Sailed at 5.5 – 6 knots boat speed with calm waters. We anchored off the State Park back in Muskegon Lake and returned to the dock shortly before dark.  Below, Max had to enjoy the channel sites as we traveled back from Lake Michigan.


July 23

In this Saturday afternoon we were privileged to have our church small group members, Raul and Doris, out to the boat as well as another family from Honduras.  It was another spectacular day and the sailing was wonderful. What a great group to sail with!

Group Pic

raul-and-doris helm









Last few pics in July

July was a great month with fantastic weather.  We left on our trip to Wisconsin on July 31, so here are a few pics taken the weekend before.  On the weekend before, I also upgraded the battery charger and added LED lights to the cockpit table.  You can see these pictures under Projects above.

boat port-window-pic













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