Garhauer Davit Installation

We recently installed a Garhauer Davit on Adventures Await.  The davits are 1.25″ tubing and seem to be very stout.  I spent some time this winter researching davits, and after talking with Mark from Garhauer Marine decided to go with them.  We received the davits about 5 weeks after ordering them.  Below is a short video we made showing how we did it.

2 Replies to “Garhauer Davit Installation”

  1. Thank you for producing this, it was very informative. I am looking at the same system for my Beneteau 49. You cleared up several questions I had and now have contacted the manufacturer for more info.
    Again, my thanks.
    Cole Shelby

  2. Glad it was helpful! I have found Garhauer very good to work with, and Mark Garhauer was especially helpful for me in getting the right fit.
    Hope it works well for you!

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