Fourteenth Week Update!


This is a short update of the past week here at Annapolis.  Because of time, and the past couple of updates that had been long, this one will be quite short.  We have not moved the boat and are still on mooring ball #68 on Spa Creek in Annapolis.  The annual Annapolis Boat Show started today and we are looking forward to attending it tomorrow and Friday.  Today was a Pre-View Day and ticket prices were almost double, so we decided to wait to go until tomorrow.  We have our lists of things to look at and we are very excited to be a part of it!  It has been interesting watching the waterfront area in Annapolis transform into the Boat Show.  There are some huge, huge boats there and it will be so cool to see them.

The weather has been so good this past week.  It has pretty much been sunny and warm, with temps into the 80’s most days.  Sharon even broke out her paddleboard a couple of times and has greatly enjoyed tooling around on it.  Today, Oct. 4, it was 86 degrees and very humid, so I jumped in the water and scrubbed the sides of the boat.  I was able to get under some of the boat and I am definitely seeing more algae slime on the hull.  Unfortunately the water is not very clear here so I wasn’t able to see well enough to scrub the whole hull, but it will need to be done relatively soon.  But I was at least able to scrub the waterline as there was some crud accumulating there.

Our friends Diane and John Wiltjer and Dallas and Anita Bell from Michigan arrived in Annapolis last evening and brought with them a bunch of stuff our daughter, Lisa, packed up for us from our house. It is so great to get all of that stuff, and even included two sails we had not had room for before.  We sent a bunch of stuff back with them so were able to make room.  We certainly appreciate them bringing things here and then back home for us!  And thanks to Lisa for getting it all together back at home!  (Sorry about the heavy anchor they’re bring home for us!)

We were able to spend some time with the Wiltjers and Bells and even had John and Diane to the boat for dinner this evening.  Thankfully the rain and lightning of the evening let up so we could bring them back to town in the dinghy without getting wet!

So tomorrow morning we are finally going to go to the Boat Show!  However, we have to bring Max to the vet at 8:30 as there are a couple of his teeth we’d like to have them check out.  If they need to do something to the teeth we may have to leave him there for the day, or we’ll bring him back to the boat while we go to the Boat Show.  It doesn’t open until 10 am so we should have plenty of time, except that it is a 3 mile walk each way.  Oh well.

I have ordered a bunch of tubing and connectors to build a frame for solar panels so it will be a priority to actually find panels and controllers at the Show.  I have a bunch of other things to check out as well so it should be fun.  Oh, I also ordered a new accumulator tank for our fresh water system on the boat and that should arrive tomorrow.  I’ll install it hopefully at some point this weekend.  Lots to do!

Well, that’s it.  It’s late and I want to try and post this yet tonight, if I can get enough cell signal.  Sorry if it sounds a bit disjointed for this update!

Adventures Await!!

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  1. Hi Sharon! It was so nice to meet you on Sunday at church! I am looking forward to following your progress here at the blog. May you have many sunny days and warm waters!

  2. Hi Sharon! It was so nice to meet you on Sunday at church! I am looking forward to following your progress here at the blog. May you have many sunny days and warm waters!


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