First Week Update!

7-4-18.  What a first week it has been!  I obviously have not updated the blog yet so here is a brief update of what has happened.  And it is the Fourth of July so it seems like a good time to do so.  We are currently anchored in Round Lake in Charlevoix so I am using the WiFi in the Municipal Marina’s Boater’s Lounge.  Hopefully this will go through with no problems.

We left Muskegon last week Thursday with our family on the dock sending us off and wishing us well.  It was so cool they came to see us off!  The wind was quite heavy out of the south so we motor sailed to Pentwater where we anchored for a couple of nights just to “crash” and rest a bit.  We had put a lot of energy into even leaving so it was good to just be at anchor for a couple of nights.  We even got to hear the Pentwater Community Band on Thursday night – always fun to do!

Saturday we headed to Frankfort where we once again anchored out.  Our good friends John and Diane, and Dallas and Anita were there on their Gemini sailboats so we grilled dinner by their slip.

I am new to figuring out our battery capacity so I had a brief panic attack when I used the multi meter to check our battery voltage and the wires on the meter started to smoke and spark in the boat!  Yikes!  I called a good friend and fellow Beneteau 411 owner, Tom Cooper, who suggested all may be well and that my multi meter was not good – not an issue with the battery.  The next day I got a new meter at the hardware store and it read fine.  I am new to our Victron Battery Monitor so need to understand better what the numbers on it mean.

We also had water in our bilge again and still had no idea where it was coming from.  It is clean water and not lake water so it has been puzzling me for quite some time.  A couple of days later I discovered our stern shower was turned on just a bit and was running into the back part of our bilge, so am pretty confident that is the issue.  I will continue to monitor it.

Going off like this is still new to us and I think it is just a matter of time to figure out what all is going on with the boat and understand issues like battery capacity, etc.  Unfortunately I have a tendency to always think the worst case scenario, so have to work through that.  After a couple of more weeks I am sure we will begin to trust the boat and the systems we worked so hard to put in place will work.

We know you don’t want to hear our issues, but they are a part of this cruising life so they will arise from time to time.  I won’t bore you with all the details, but your prayers are welcomed to help us sort through things.

We left Frankfort on Sunday and headed to anchor off South Manitou Island.  The winds were great, out of the south again, and off the coast of Sleeping Bear Dunes Sharon was able to reflect and share stories of her mother who passed away this past January and made a tribute to her and her amazing legacy.

South Manitou turned out to be a very windy anchorage spot.  SW winds came over the island and intensified where we were anchored, resulting in 18 – 22 knot winds throughout the afternoon and evening.  An intense storm came through about 7:00 pm with winds gusting to over 38 knots at times.  But Adventures Await weathered it fine and the anchor stayed solid.  Nice!

Monday saw us heading to Charlevoix where we made the 2:00 pm bridge opening.  We did get a slip at Charlevoix Municipal Marina for one night, mainly for me to gain even more confidence in our batteries and charging capacity.  All seems well!  (Yes, even I tire of myself and my thought processes!)  Our close friends, Bob and Kim and Al and Jan, who are in Elk Rapids drove up for Happy Hour and dinner.

Oh, I should add an update to Max “going” on the boat!  Well, he has gone twice on the boat – both times on the same corner on the back swim platform.  Not on the astro turf like we have asked him kindly to do!  But, we can’t have everything all at once so we’ll take it.  It is easily washed off and all is good.  Small steps, right?

Tuesday we traveled a whopping 0.2 nm to anchor in Round Lake and will stay there until tomorrow (Friday).  Our daughter, Kristi, is headed up to spend the afternoon/night with us today so it will be so good to see her again!

Tomorrow (Friday) we will head to Beaver Island and then hopefully on to St. Ignace where we will fuel and provision for our entry into Canada and the North Channel.  So far, we have been in familiar waters which has been helpful in allowing us to transition to staying on the boat long term.  Once we leave St. Ignace we will enter unfamiliar waters and territory and we think our trip will really start.  We have anchored in places we know were good spots, but that will all change.  But this adventure is all about going to new places, seeing new things, and meeting new people.  We hope we are ready!

Sorry about the length of this post.  It will take us a while to get into the hang of what to post and when.  We make no promises on our story telling capabilities but will try to at least keep you up on what is happening.  More frequent pictures will be made on our Facebook and Instagram, so feel free to check those out.  Links to those are on our Homepage click on the icons on the picture.


9 Replies to “First Week Update!”

  1. So fun to hear everything you’re experiencing, even the tricky stuff. It’s all part of it and good to share. 🙂 keeping you both in our thoughts and prayers! Suzanne

  2. Good job managing all those issues! I think they would make anyone nervous and it’s good you include those things as they are part of the adventure! Nice post Dad 🙂

  3. Thanks for update, every bit of it. Good luck with the volts and amps. Being a quick study, a thin nautical electrician’s handbook may prove helpful; maybe you have one. My prayers and best wishes running after you leave St. Ignace. Adventure will take on new meaning. I know the feeling jumping off with the unknown ahead, with a bunch of very long motorcycle trips, two car rides the length of the Alaska Highway when most of it was gravel, a cross Canada trip on the Trans Canada with Linda in a great Ford with 100k on the clock, and hours and hours on Alaska F and G boats between Sand Point and Cold Bay, AK, but NEVER a sailing trip like yours, crew of two. I envy you guys. All the best. JR

  4. So great this adventure has finally begun. Blogging skills? Remember a picture is worth at least a thousand words. We want to *see* the smoke and sparks. Godspeed!

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