Electric LP Solenoid replaced

Since we got the boat we have had difficulties maintaining an adequate flame on the stove and oven.  There is an electrical switch on the instrument panel, and it seemed if you had the stove and oven going at the same time there wasn’t enough gas flow to keep them both going.  Or, if you shut the stove off for a few minutes it would not relight until you waited 30+ minutes.  I brought the LP gas tank to be refilled, but was told it was still full!  So I suspected the electric solenoid already last year, especially as it was so hot to the touch.  Ouch!

This year, I finally made work of replacing it.  It was a bugger to find, and after visiting every RV store in GR, I finally found it on Defender.com.  It was a pain getting the old one off as access to the screws holding it in place is through the back aft berth wall and about three feet up.  I attempted to also find a new Regulator, but was not successful with that.  So I hooked it all up, and Viola!  It works so, so much better than before.  And the stove and oven stays lit!  The new solenoid still gets very, very hot, but it’s working.

Below is a picture of the old solenoid which is now replaced.  No pictures of the new one as I was so glad to get it done that I forgot to take pictures.


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