Anticipation!/Week 85


Our daughter and son-in-law are almost here!  How exciting will that be?!  They are leaving Grand Rapids early tomorrow morning and will arrive about 1:00 pm tomorrow afternoon to spend a week with us.  We are so excited to see them and spend time with them.  Lisa is pregnant and is due in May, so we are excited to see how big she is.  They also just bought a new home in Rockford and moved in this past weekend so it will be cool to hear all about the new house.  We spent the day cleaning and reorganizing the boat a bit and hopefully they will sleep well aboard Adventures Await.

It has been another good week here in Georgetown.  The winds kicked in again the last part of last week and despite being sick of it we’re making the best of it.  It has not been as bad as the period in January when it was horrendously windy, but it has been windy enough to make almost every dinghy trip off the boat an “adventure.”  There is a tunnel you have to go under in your dinghy to get to the dinghy dock in Georgetown for provisions, etc.  It is very calm once you are in the small lake, named Lake Victoria, where the dinghy dock is.  However, when you come out of the tunnel straight into a hefty South-East wind it become hairy quickly.  Yesterday I made that trip and unfortunately the tide was opposed to the wind through the tunnel and I was quickly drenched head-to-foot in pounding through the standing waves.  And then the rest of the way across the channel, which is about a mile wide, I was bucking waves from the side and I continued to get wet. 

But, I do have to remind myself that even though I get wet, the air temperature is close to 80 degrees and the water temperature is about 74 degrees.  So I realize my problems are certainly not that big when looking at the big scope of things!

Putting the wind aside, we did some fun things this past week.  We did venture about 2.5 miles north west in our dinghy this past Saturday in search of turtles in Hooper’s Bay.  Friends of ours told us this Bay was a great place to see turtles, and said they swim right up to the side of your dinghy.  Once we arrived in the Bay we found where the turtles were, but all they did was scurry away from us.  Sharon brought some ham and pieces of lettuce to attract them to the dinghy, but it was to no avail.   We even tried to sneak up on them by paddling the dinghy, but soon found out they can swim a whole lot faster than I can paddle the dinghy.  Later, after talking to the same friends, we found out the way to get them to your dinghy is by enticing them with sardines.  Sounds like the smell is what attracts them, so we will try that another time.

On Sunday we had a wonderful family over for Happy Hour on our boat.  They were Dave and Kacey, along with their three small sons Hadley, Oliver and Roosevelt, from the boat Saint Robert.  They arrived here in Georgetown a week or two ago, and we recognized their boat from anchoring next to them way back last fall in Beaufort, North Carolina.  We had talked with them last fall and found out they hail from Colorado and that their sons were all five years and under – what an undertaking with three active boys!   But they were wonderfully behaved on our boat and we had a great time getting to know them better.  They have a beautiful 47 foot boat with a mast too high to go via the ICW, so they were making offshore hops all along the coast and now are in Georgetown.  They shared some of their stories of their trip so far, and even though they have had some challenges with their boat, they are having a great time.  What a fun family! 

Wednesday afternoon we had the pleasure of going to Happy Hour aboard Irv and Bonnie Alpert’s catamaran, Bonnie Jean II.  Irv and Bonnie were on the same Sail to the Sun Rally down the ICW with us in 2018 and we have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know this great couple.  They had friends with them, Bruce and Peggy, from their hometown back in the state of Washington, and we had a wonderful time getting to know them as well.  We have valued the friendship of Irv and Bonnie and look forward to continue following them as they transition away from their boat, as it is up for sale, to land based travel with a new Airstream trailer.  What fun they will have!

I guess that’s about it for what has been happening around here.  We are greatly looking forward to Lisa and Ryan arriving tomorrow and we look forward to having a great week with them.  We had some ideas of what we thought we would do and where we would go, but we’re not sure we’ll be able to do all of it because of the forecast.  It is supposed to be much less windy this weekend, but then toward the end of next week it is supposed to pick up again.  It would be fun to go north like we did with my sisters a couple of weeks ago, but if the winds pick up as predicted, it would not be a fun trip back out on the Exuma Sound with the 6 foot or so waves.    So, we came up with some other amazing plans and ideas and will just go other places closer by!  There is so much to see and do around here!  It also is Sharon’s 60th Birthday on Saturday, so that will be a fun day in and of itself.   WooHoo!

After Lisa and Ryan leave we will be leaving pretty much right away to start our trip back to Florida and then up to Annapolis.  We have listed the boat For Sale with a broker in Annapolis and will not be taking it back to Michigan, only as far north as Annapolis (still 1500 miles from here!).  We have done so much and seen so many incredible places and sights on the boat, and we have far surpassed everything we wanted to do in what will be two years of living aboard.  Adventures Await has been so incredibly good to us, and we will miss her, but it’s time to start another chapter.  If you know of anyone who may be interested in buying her, please give Matt Weimer a call at Annapolis Yacht Sales in Annapolis.  He’d be happy to talk with them!

Adventures Await!!


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  1. Wow, Dave, I got tears in my eyes when I read you’re selling Adventures Await. All the best to you and Sharon as you complete your life aboard this season. I know the transition will be so bittersweet. Keep the reading material coming as long as you can! Love reading your stuff.

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