Slow Week/Week 81


It is hard to imagine it is half way through January already!  And it’s been a month and two days since we arrived in the Georgetown area!  We actually thought we would be moving around more than we have but because of the crazy high winds we have pretty much stayed put.  We last put our anchor down right where we are now on Dec. 26 and we probably won’t go anywhere until the end of next week.  This weekend we are supposed to have gusts again in the mid-30’s, so us and the rest of the boats around here are ready to hunker down again.  Interestingly, there are cruisers here who have been coming to this area for 20 – 30 years and say they have never seen the winds being so high for such a long period of time.  And everyone is sick of the wind, so it’s not just us.

But, this post won’t be about the wind as I complained about it enough last week.  In fact, this post won’t be all that long or drawn out as we just haven’t done a whole lot this past week.  Of course it was because of the wind and not being able to get off the boat that easily, so we just did stuff on the boat.  Not very exciting, but it was ok. I think about five of the last seven days we did to shore at least once to take a walk with Max, or go to exercise class and Bible Study, but that was pretty much it.  The days we didn’t get off the boat we were just too lazy to fight the winds and waves that we would encounter in the dinghy.

So what did we do?  We got a bunch of cleaning done and Sharon did some baking.  In there somewhere we changed the oil, oil filter and both fuel filters (Yay!)  And we got a lot of reading done!  I should also add that I went to a presentation at Chat and Chill beach of Donny, a gentleman who lost his boat just a few days ago up against the rocks south of us in the Ragged Islands.  He got caught in a wind event that basically blew his boat into shallow waters and pinned it up against a cliff, smashing it again and again against the rocks.  He was lucky to get off the boat and lived to tell his story. 

Today the winds started to settle down to about 15 knots, so that was great.  We headed to Georgetown this morning to get some provisions and I did a couple of water runs this afternoon with the jerry cans.  Tomorrow is supposed to be ok in the morning and afternoon with the winds picking up in the evening so I hope to get across the channel for diesel, gas and more water.  Thankfully, after the winds this weekend there is a possibility that the winds may start to subside into next week.  They will probably still be a bit more than ideal, but certainly less than what we have had the past couple of weeks.  My two sisters are coming to stay for a week with us starting next week Friday so we really hope the winds continue to die down so we can show them around.  We will go places and see things either way, but it’s nicer when you don’t have to deal with higher winds. 

So, it has pretty much just been a week of getting by on the boat and not a whole lot else.  And please know we actually did pretty well with it, and often reminded ourselves that even though we don’t like it as much now, at some point we will look back on this and admit it was still pretty amazing to be sitting on a boat in the Bahamas in shorts and t-shirts and warm temps.  All is good!

Adventures Await!!


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