Sisters Arrive/Week 82


They made it!  Winging their way from snowy Michigan, my two sisters, Lynda and Shelly, arrived in sunny Georgetown, Bahamas, this afternoon.  After their taxi ride from the airport we had lunch at Island Boy’s Café right by the dinghy dock, and then dinghied to our boat to start the week’s adventure.  We will have a great time!  We are thinking of heading north tomorrow up to the Children’s Bay Cay and Lee Stocking Island area and see what we find for the next couple of days.  We’ll then return to Georgetown and explore more of the area here with them.

The week prior to their arrival was another good week of getting some boat cleaning done, and other smaller projects on the boat.  We also did some major laundry on Thursday. as well as provisioning at the local market for the next week. 

On Monday, we had a wonderful afternoon zipping around in our dinghies with the Courcy family.  We explored the Red Shanks area and tried a couple of snorkeling spots, albeit with little success.  We had a picnic on the beach and then headed over to Fowl Cay to check out the designated snorkeling area there.  Unfortunately the water was still a bit too roiled up to see far underwater so it was a no-go as well.  Lumina Point has a few coral heads and we did see some fish there and returned to the boat just before the rains came!

The wind has started to settle down a bit and we hope the major blows that typically occur in January are behind us.  This past Wednesday, however, was a huge day wind-wise.  The wind shifted from the East to the North and then Northwest overnight and it just howled in the early morning through the entire day on Wednesday.  Because Elizabeth Harbor, where we are anchored, is oriented from SE to NW, there is no land protection.  This means we received the full brunt of the 25+ knot winds and the waves created by the 3 – 5 mile fetch in front of us.  While it was windy and we bounced it was a straight-on wind so at least we didn’t roll side to side.  We also knew it would end that evening so we just put up with it and bided our time.  We even kidded each other that we were doing some major calisthenics just trying to walk around in the boat!  We had pulled the dinghy up on the davits the night before and never put it down again until Thursday morning. 

We’ll see how the wind goes this next week but we are very excited to move the boat again.  We put the anchor down in our current spot on Dec. 26 and have not moved since because of the crazy winds.  Now as the winds begin to settle down it will allow us to get to other places.  Unfortunately, in order to go north or south you have to go out on Exuma Sound which has no protection from the East winds at all.  So if it’s blowing 20+ knots the waves build to 8+ feet and is not a place to be.  Even other people we talk to are amazed at how little movement they have seen in boats this year because of the winds so far.  But, we are looking forward to that changing and enjoying this beautiful area!  We’ll let you know how it goes! 

Adventures Await!!


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