Sailing Boston!/Week 55


Boston has been too much fun!  It helps that our daughter is here and we’ve had numerous times to get together with her, but it is a fun city nonetheless.  As I mentioned last time, we anchored last week Wednesday off Castle Park, which is the site of Fort Independence, and were graciously allowed the use of the dinghy dock at South Boston Yacht Club in order to get ashore.  I also had mentioned we took the bus last week Thursday to go visit our daughter, Kristi, at her place of work on the 49th floor of the John Hancock Building.  So fun!

We spent Friday and Saturday of last week in a mixture of sight seeing and chores while enjoying just being here.  Sharon and Max made a great trip via subway and buses to a hiking area called Blue Hills, about a 90 minute trip one way, while I installed a new faucet/shower in the forward head.  The temperature continued to be very hot and humid but there was some breeze to help, so we were grateful for that.

On Sunday afternoon Kristi joined us after her church and we lifted the anchor and headed to downtown Boston to a mooring ball.  A couple of weeks prior we made reservations for three nights on a ball at the Boston Waterboat Marina , just adjacent to Boston Long Wharf and the Marriott Hotel.  It was only just over three miles from where we had anchored so it was a great ride up the Boston Harbor channel and soon we were tied up to a ball.  With the mooring ball we also got access to their docks and use of their bathrooms, showers and laundry room, in addition to pump out service and water.  Shortly after tying up to the mooring ball we did indeed have a little “Boston Tea Party” and threw some tea overboard.  Just had to do it!

That evening, after Kristi had to leave, we went for dinner at an outdoor café and then had a lovely stroll along the waterfront before returning back to the boat to see the amazing sunset and then the lights of the buildings in the Boston skyline.  We felt truly blessed to be here!

On Monday we did some cleaning in the morning as Kristi had invited a group of her church friends over for the evening on the boat, but in the afternoon we spent time walking around Boston.  Even though we’ve been here a few times in the past there is always something new to see.  The familiar buildings are all still there but are cool to see again, and we even saw that John Hancock and Ben Franklin’s graves are still there and they are still dead. 

That evening eight friends of Kristi, and fellow worship team members of her church, came to spend time on the boat.  They had a blast!  It was so fun to meet them and watch them enjoy themselves so much on the boat.  We take it for granted to see land from the water, but most of them had never been on a sailboat moored off downtown Boston before so it was cool for them to see.  They had a wonderful time sitting up on the bow sharing and laughing with each other and us.  It was fun to get to know them better.  Most of them were able to stay until the sun set and to see the lights coming on in the many buildings surround the waterfront.  Thanks for sharing the evening with us, Rachel, Abigail, Sandy, Jeff, Eric, Rachel, Michelle and Tony!

Tuesday was another fun, albeit hot, day in Boston.  Because of the heat, we decided to go ashore in the morning and went to see Fenway Park.  Max once again came along with us on the subway and handled it great.  He even got to show off his skills in going up and down on escalators!  Fenway Park was cool to see and after having coffee and pastries at a nearby eatery we headed back downtown.  We spent some time in the North Side, including going to a multi-level dog park for Max, and eventually made it back to the boat. 

Kristi had invited some work friends to the boat for the evening and by 7:00 pm or so they were all onboard.  Because we had some wind and it was a beautiful evening we tied off the dingy to the mooring ball pendant and loosed the lines to the boat and we went sailing.  We actually sailed up and down the Boston Harbor channel!  The wind was right off the beam both ways and it was a great sail.  They all loved the experience, and we did too!  Thanks for coming aboard, Lucas, Andy, Eric, Anthony and Long!  (Also, Anthony took the pictures out on the water and of the skyline, so thanks to him for those!)

The weather so far in Boston had been absolutely amazing!  It was very warm, but it was sunny with enough breeze during the day to make it manageable while on the boat.  This pattern changed on Wednesday, July 17, when we left the downtown area.  We intended to go north but the weather predictions were for storms later that day and then heftier winds out of the North or North-West today, Thursday.  The anchorages we looked at to the north didn’t really offer a lot of protection from wind in that direction so we ended up going about 8 miles south of downtown to the Hingham area.  We then anchored on the south side of Grape Island and put out 150 feet of chain in about 22 feet of water just to be safe.

A strong storm did pass through the area mid- to late-afternoon yesterday with high winds and a lot of lightning and thunder.  Along with the wind and lightning we had a ton of rain!  Our boat is pretty watertight inside, but there are a couple of areas that leak a little bit with a driving rain, and this rain was a driving one.  We did very well during the storm, and typically when we are anchored well the wind and rain is not an issue, but the lightning always puts me on edge.  Especially when you see a ton of air to ground strikes all around.  We have a lightning disperser on the top of the mast, and it is our hope and prayer that it works in repelling lightning, but it still always makes me nervous.

It was supposed to rain all night and never did, although it did rain for a while this morning during our coffee time.  Our plan was to just spend the day here and enjoy a slower day, and that’s what we did.  The temp only got up to 70 degrees, with predictions into the mid-90’s this coming weekend, so we greatly enjoyed the coolness.  Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be much better and we will head to Gloucester, about 26 miles north of here, where we have reserved a mooring ball for a couple of nights.  We have found the farther north we go the more difficult it is to find good anchorage areas as most of the bays are totally full of mooring balls and don’t allow anchoring.  Farther north in the next month we may have issues with rocky bottoms making anchoring difficult, but now it is usually that the bays are so full.  Strange, eh?

On Saturday we have a very dear-to-Kristi family coming out to spend the day on the boat and to go sailing out of Gloucester.  They are like a second family to her and we have been so grateful for their always, always looking out for Kristi and it will be so fun to spend the day with them!  Looking forward to it!

Adventures Await!!


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