Max’s First Blog

July 4, 2018


Max: Hi guys, I live on a boat now. I’m not sure if I like it or not. It’s ok when my people are around and we’re not bouncing around. When there are big waves or storms I get nervous and want to snuggle with someone all the time. Nana and Papa pretend they aren’t nervous, but I know they really are. Dogs can tell. What makes you nervous?

I saw raccoons one day. They were acting strange, rolling around on the ground. Nana thought they might be protecting babies. I just wanted to chase them. Nana said they were fierce and didn’t let me. Have you ever seen a raccoon? Do you think they are fierce, or would you chase them like me?

We’re at a nice place now. Papa calls it Sharlevoy [Nana: Charlevoix, Michigan.] There are lots of boats around. The office people have a whole jar of treats for dogs like me, but Nana would only give me one. They let me come into a room where it was nice and cool. I took a nap. Auntie Kristi came to visit. We had ice cream.

Papa took me for lots of rides in my boat today [Nana: the dinghy.]. I was nervous when Nana disappeared on a “paddle board.” I was so happy when we found her again.

Good night guys. I’m tired, I’ve had a busy day.


Here are a few more pictures of me:

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