Maine, Baby!/Week 56


We made it to the last state we will visit on our journey:  Maine!  We are anchored in Neddick Bay at the southern end of Maine after we left Massachusetts this morning, went by New Hampshire, and just reached into Maine to set our anchor for the day.  We had been in Gloucester, MA, since last week Friday and it was a wonderful place to stay, but was also time to move on.  We were on a mooring ball the first two nights (Friday and Saturday) in Gloucester and on Sunday we moved about 741 feet (what a long way!) and anchored just ahead of the mooring field for the following four nights until we left this morning.

This past Saturday we had the Musikavanhu family (all 10 of them!) out to the boat from Boston for a wonderful sail on the Atlantic.  This family is a very close family to our daughter, Kristi, and we were delighted when Kristi had asked them to come out and they were able to make it.  Kristi met them through their church and has spent all kinds of time with them throughout the past bunches of years and she has claimed them to be her “Boston family,” looking after her through thick and thin!

Along with Tendai and Gail, they brought their children: Gail-Agnes, Michal, Bobo, Sungu and Josh.  A cousin, Chloe, who lives in London also came with them as did both Tendai’s and Gail’s moms.  The Musikavanhu’s had a huge family reunion a week or so ago with family coming from many countries and included Tendai’s Mom from Zimbabwe and Gail’s Mom from London.  The Mom’s, Granny and GoGo, loved it that they were still in town and able to come out on the boat and reveled in the wonderful time we had out sailing.  In addition to being a great day for sailing we also had the opportunity to just leave the motor off after sailing and drift about three miles offshore while people swam.  The water was a bit chilly and there was a bit of a current out there, but they had a great time!  And no one got eaten by sharks!  J 

After such a great day on Saturday, Sharon and I just pretty much sat and relaxed on Sunday as we were beat (we are getting older, ya know!).  The temperature also got up to 96 degrees so it was really too hot to do anything anyway!  It’s a bit cooler on the boat, but the temp inside the boat was even 92 degrees, so it was still hot.  Woe is us, right?  Thankfully we knew it was supposed to be a lot cooler on Monday, so we knew we just had to get through the day – and we did. 

Monday indeed was a lot cooler!  Whew!  So we took advantage of it by getting a lot done.  We did laundry, got provisions, got one of our propane tanks refilled and changed the oil on the boat.  Then the rain started.  And it didn’t stop for a long, long time.  It started late afternoon and only stopped for a couple of times throughout the evening and then into the night.  The storm in the evening was not as bad as at by Grape Island a few nights ago, but enough lightning that it still made us a bit nervous.  This time there was a boat by us that had a taller mast than us!  J

On Tuesday morning the rain started again about 7:00 am and didn’t stop until after noon.  This allowed Sharon and I time to change both fuel filters (always glad when they are changed and the engine fires up again!).  Later that afternoon after the rain stopped we went ashore and had a wonderful time exploring the town even further.  Gloucester is a big fishing port and we learned Gorton’s Seafoods main headquarters has called it home since 1849.  Along the walk we found the Fishermen’s Memorial and the Fishermen’s Wives Memorial along the seawall.  Listed on a memorial plaque also was the names of the fishermen who died while out fishing since the late 1700’s.  Incredible to read the names of those who perished off those shores.

Wednesday dawned to be a great day as it was our daughter’s, Kristi’s, birthday!  She went to work that day and couldn’t join us until the evening so we did another first for Max before meeting her: he rode a train!  Rockport is a quaint little town about 4 miles north of Gloucester where we were going to meet Kristi for dinner for her birthday.  We went in the early afternoon and took the commuter train to Rockport, and Max loved it – the whole 10 minutes it took to get there.  He has done buses, subways, escalators and now trains.  What a traveler!

Rockport is quite touristy and trendy but it was fun to walk around anyway.  Sharon and Kristi have both been there in years past, but I never have so it was a great place to see.  We’re both really not great shoppers, and we certainly don’t need any more stuff on the boat, so we spent most of our time just walking around and looking at the shops and people.  We also stopped for coffee a couple of times and found a great park to rest for a while.  Kristi eventually joined us and we had a great birthday dinner with her! 

What a great day to end our time, at this point, in the Boston area!  This morning, as I wrote above, we fueled up and left to head here.  We will head to the Portland, MA, area tomorrow and then see where we end up in the next few days.  Bob and Mary Cline, friends we met on the Sail to the Sun Rally last fall, have their sailboat and live in the Boothbay Harbor area so we will connect and spend time with them at some point.  We even talked about the possibility of traveling together to Bar Harbor. 

We will spend the next five weeks or so in the Maine area and return to the Boston area to see Kristi one more time before we head south back down the east coast.  She is moving to a new apartment and our oldest daughter, Lisa, is coming to help her move at the end of August, so it is our goal to be back there by then and spend a little bit of time with the both of them.  That will be great!  In the meantime it will be fun to explore Maine!

Adventures Await!!




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