Kristi!/Thirty Second Week Update!


Kristi is here!  Kristi is our youngest daughter who is living and working in Boston, and she flew in to Georgetown yesterday to spend five days with us!  The last time she was on the boat was the beginning of last July in Charlevoix, Michigan, so it was exciting to have her aboard again.  Apparently Boston hasn’t had a ton of snow yet this winter, but they certainly have had the cold.  So one of Kristi’s goals is to be warm, and that was certainly achieved in her first two days with us.  This morning she was able to spend some time on the paddleboard in the blue waters around here, and this afternoon we spent a bunch of time snorkeling some of the coral reefs around the area.  The fish we saw were so beautiful around the coral, and there were so many different kinds.  We certainly intend to do more snorkeling in the next couple of days!

When you think about Georgetown, Bahamas, what do you think of?  We didn’t really know what Georgetown would hold or be like, but it has far exceeded anything we had thought it would be.  What does help, of course, is that the sun is out most of the time and that the temperature is always between about 72 degrees and 78 degrees.  It really varies very little from that and it makes it quite comfortable.  With the sun pounding down on you it feels hot, but once you get into shade or a cloud goes by, it is a great temperature!

We have continued to be somewhat involved in the cruiser’s community.  Last week I mentioned the conch horn workshop I went to on Jan. 30.  On Saturday I went to another workshop, this time on marine batteries and charging systems, and found it to be very helpful.  There were probably at least 50 – 60 people there so they seem to draw lots of people.  Sharon attends the Wednesday morning Bible Study and went to a a bread baking class on a fellow boater’s boat, and we both went to the Beach Church held on Chat ‘N Chill beach. 

We have taken our dinghy across the Georgetown Channel a few times to get groceries and fill up our water ierry cans. (It’s about a mile trip each way, and is a wet trip when it’s windy!)  There is free water available and all you do is have to lug it back to your boat.  The “town” of Georgetown is a conglomeration of businesses and people.  It is just a one road town and the businesses on either side of the road all seem to be worn and tired, but there is always activity of locals selling produce and various sundry things.  Groceries are available at two grocery stores, but it is common to have to wait for the weekly supply boat for produce, eggs and milk products. 

We have spent the week mostly relaxing in the beautiful weather.  Because we were anticipating Kristi, and then Jason and Patti next Tuesday when Kristi leaves, we have also spent some time cleaning the boat and getting it ready for guests.  We have kept  up with cleaning somewhat as we have been traveling, but we were able to clean a bit more this past week.  We had actually thought we would have more issues with mold on the trip, but it really has been less than we thought.  With the more moderate temperatures and more consistent wind the humidity has not been bad at all, and this has helped keep the mold at bay.  We have a special cleaner that also helps prevent mold, and this has been a huge help as well.  But we are glad that mold has not been what we kind of thought it would be.  It may be more of an issue next year as we get into the Caribbean, but so far it has not been bad.

We were reunited with our good friends, Luc and Karina, on Ungava this week!  We have not seen them since about the middle of October so it was great to catch up with them again.  They came over for Happy Hour the other day and we spent the evening sharing stories and experiences of our trips to this wonderful place.  You may remember that Luc was the one who was so helpful with the wiring for our battery monitor and in helping design our solar power system.

Which brings me to our solar power and batteries.  I am absolutely loving what our solar panels are doing in producing power for our batteries.  I think the solar is everything, and then some, of what I had hoped it would be.  I do bemoan the fact that sometimes the boat is not facing the right way all the time, resulting in our radar mount casting a shadow on the panels, greatly reducing the wattage, but otherwise it is doing great.  I do think that because we are not traveling and using the motor/alternator the batteries are probably not getting totally charged up all the time, but we certainly have enough power to do everything we need.  I do kind of obsess about the voltage numbers, and yes, I do track them on a daily basis, but we are doing well.

I think this post will be nice and short, which is a great thing, so I will end by just sharing that we will continue to enjoy having Kristi with us through Tuesday!  Because of higher winds we probably won’t move to anywhere, but will just stay in this area snorkeling, swimming, paddle boarding and the like.  There is plenty to do!  On Tuesday Jason and Patti will be joining us from Michigan for almost two weeks.  We did a BVI charter with them three years ago, so we are excited to spend time on a boat with them again.  We’ll let you know next week where we go with them, but we are sure it will be fun!

Adventures Await!!

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  1. Thanks for the blogs. Really cool, so glad you’re having fun. We enjoy hearing about your adventure. Have fun and stay safe.


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