Family Time!/Week 62


What an amazing week we have had!  This past weekend was spent with both of our daughters and was so special to be back with both of them again!  Lisa flew into Boston to help Kristi move on Saturday, and we arrived at the Boston Waterboat Marina downtown Boston just in time for Sharon to take the T (Boston public transportation) to the airport to be there when Lisa got off the plane.  What a great reunion of the three of them!  Max and I took an Uber later that evening to Kristi’s new apartment and we were all together!  Unfortunately Ryan, Lisa’s husband, wasn’t able to be there and was greatly missed. 

On Friday, Sept. 30, we sailed to Boston and anchored off Castle Island prior to going downtown to our mooring ball.  We actually were able to sail, like with both sails out and the motor off!, most of the way from Gloucester to Boston as the waves were only 1 – 2 feet with a wind from the SW of 10 – 14 knots.  We actually headed pretty much straight south out of Gloucester instead of heading SW directly at Boston, because we wanted to get out on the ocean further to see if we would see any whales.  We had heard there could be a possibility, although somewhat slight, if we went out a ways, so we tried it.  Unfortunately we didn’t see any and we eventually turned toward Boston, still under sail.  Nice! 

Sunday and Monday we had an amazing time with the girls!  Kristi was able to get into the new apartment already Saturday evening so she and Lisa were able to move some stuff and then they moved the rest of her belongings on Sunday.  Sharon and I stayed out of their way as they moved stuff and directed the moving people who did her big stuff, so we joined them for a congratulations pizza dinner that evening in her new place!  I was going to help them put things back together, but they are so resourceful and smart that they were able to do it all themselves that afternoon.

Monday, Labor Day, was our last full day downtown so we got things done on the boat that we needed to: cleaning, laundry, provisioning, etc.  As rain was in the forecast for the evening the girls came out to the boat and we had a wonderful afternoon talking, sharing, laughing and playing games.  How fun to be together!

We have been apart from the girls for long periods of time when they have been out of the country for school and the Peace Corps in the past and it’s always so good to be back together again.  We had not seen Lisa since May so it was so cool to hug her and spend time with her again.  We think we are blessed with great kids and are so thankful to God that we all enjoy spending time with each other.

It was hard once again to say good-bye to them as we really don’t know when we may see them again.  Ryan and Lisa hope to come to the Bahamas to spend time with us next January or February but as we don’t really plan on being home for the holidays we don’t know when we’ll be together for a while.  Kristi is not sure she’ll be able to come to the Bahamas this year so it is up in the air right now as to when we’ll see her. 

But we did throw off the mooring ball lines Tuesday morning, after using on-land showers one last time!, and we headed back to the Grape Island anchorage we had stayed at before.  The anchorage is about eight miles south of Boston but is a very protected area close to Hingham, MA.  We decided to go there this time to give us a couple of days to figure out the path of Hurricane Dorian.  We had initially intended to leave Tuesday to head toward the Cape Cod Canal and then west eventually toward New York.  However, if Dorian were to hug the coast we certainly didn’t want to be in that area as it came through.  Bob Cline, with whom we traveled a lot in Maine, had a chart that showed hurricanes rarely headed north of Cape Cod, but actually in the Long Island, NY, area there is a significant increase in the likelihood of a hurricane in the month of September.  We certainly didn’t want to push it and be there in case Dorian intensified or anything so we decided to stay here at anchor until Friday.

On Friday we now are actually going to head back downtown Boston to get on a mooring ball again at Boston Waterboat Marina for two nights.  The marine forecast is that there will be high winds, with gusts possibly up to 45 knots, on Saturday as Dorian goes by the coast, so we decided to play it extra cautious and stay put until the storm and winds are totally gone.  We still have plenty of time to get to Annapolis by the end of September or beginning of October so we are choosing just to stay safe and stay put for now.

There still are possibilities of more hurricanes but with this one so close and unpredictable it seems prudent to stay here.  Once we leave Boston, hopefully on Sunday, we do then hope to make good tracks for Chesapeake Bay where there is plenty of protection places from hurricanes.  If we get to New York and there is a potential hurricane forming for that area we can always head up the Hudson River a ways to try and avoid it.  It will probably take us 5 – 6 days to get to New York once we leave here and then we’ll continue to monitor the weather in order to head down the New Jersey coast safely.

I hope that all makes sense.  We have been so far from where Dorian has been wreaking so much havoc, but the storm has been on our minds constantly as the track was for it to head up the coast and toward Nova Scotia.  It’s incredible to think of how Dorian is affecting so many people along the entire coast of the US, not to mention all the damage in the Bahamas.  We have seen pictures of places we visited in the Abacos and it makes our hearts ache.  We are of course saddened to see the destruction, but are so sad to see how it has affected so many people on those islands.  Even after medical emergencies and people are rescued there will be such economic difficulties in area that struggles just to make ends meet.  Our prayers go out to them, as well as to those who are risking themselves to provide aid.

Adventures Await!!

P.S. We did make an interesting discovery and potentially significant repair today that we will tell you about next week – just in case it doesn’t work!  But I think it will, so we will monitor it for the next few days to see what happens.  If it does, it will be huge as it has been with us the entire trip so far.  If not, we’ll continue on as we have been. 


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