Cockpit LED Lights Installation

To add more ambient, efficient lighting in the cockpit I installed LED string lights under the center console edge to light up the area.  I had to fish wire from inside the binnacle pedestal and down to follow the existing wiring harness under the floor to the back of the boat, to inside the rear compartment and then up the starboard side of the boat to the instrument panel. This required taking the aft starboard panel out, fishing it behind the closet, taking part of the wall in the head down to run it behind the head compartment, and then finally fishing it up and into the instrument panel area where I could hook it up to a breaker switch.  Thankfully a good friend showed me how to hook it to the panel as there are a lot of wires running into it!

While I was running the wire, I used my fish tape to also run a line for the remote monitor for the new battery charger I was about to install.  I didn’t want to do all the wiring running again!

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