Bon Voyage Party!

6-2-18.  Our two amazing daughters hosted a Bon Voyage Party for us on Saturday, June 2, at the Muskegon Yacht Club.  The weather was spectacular and many of our friends and family showed up to wish us well.  It was a great day of fun, laughter and sharing stories.  It was also fun to tour many friends who have not seen our boat through it.  We had her all cleaned up and ready to show, and it was fun to see the reactions of those who typically have not been on boats like ours.

We heard many people share how they are envious of what we are doing, and are inspired by what we are doing.  We don’t see it that way, and our intent was not to inspire others, but is to follow our dreams of seeing so many other places and meeting other wonderful people.  If that is inspiring, then that’s ok.  We feel it is important to set goals, push yourself and do the things you long to do.  We know that after we leave it will not be all fun, beautiful sunsets every night, and little umbrella drinks, but there will be times of stress and boat issues and crazy weather as well.  But, we have been dreaming, planning and getting ready for this and soon we will be ready to throw off the lines.

Thank you to all who were able to make it to the party, and we cherish your well wishes and prayers as we prepare to leave.

Adventures Await!

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